17th January 2020

Happy New Year We look forward to accompanying you all on your QI journeys throughout the year. As QI continues to spread throughout CNWL with more staff learning about the model for improvement, we have decided to embark on some improvements ourselves. This month’s newsletter is therefore the final QI newsletter in this format. Next month we will be launching a new and improved version. We welcome your feedback .

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17th December 2019

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas as we celebrate two years of QI at CNWL! This month we are celebrating two years since the quality improvement (QI) programme launched at CNWL, working towards a culture of continuous improvement for patients and people who use our services. You can see a short video of the past year of QI on our Vimeo page here QI puts frontline staff, patients and carers at the centre of service change by giving teams the tools and training to bring about that change and develop shared learning from improvement across the organisation

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22nd November 2019

Those familiar with improvement science with know there’s a great deal of emphasis placed on success sharing. It helps spread the word about QI, motivates others to start QI projects, and ensures staff, patient and carer contributions to QI projects are recognised and appreciated.

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As we hurtle towards Christmas we thought now would be a good time to pause and take stock of all the QI training options for staff across the organisation. So, this month’s newsletter doubles-up as the new QI prospectus we’ve mentioned in previous editions. An edited version of the prospectus can be read here.

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27th September 2019

There’s often a back to school feeling associated with September. That’s partly why we’ve included a piece about IHI Open School in this newsletter. (We’ve also included the piece because IHI Open School is excellent) CNWL now offers a wide range of QI training to staff such as quarterly learning events and Bitesize QI both featured in this edition. What sets Open School apart however, is the detail it goes into in order for you to understand and apply the Model for Improvement. Staff who complete the modules, in particular modules 101 to 105 find they have acquired an excellent grounding in QI methodology, and certainly enough to get started on a project. Open School also helps staff to complete QI training at their own pace, and includes many excellent and thought provoking clinical examples to inspire you.

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