Issue 10 : August 2018 - Prospectus 2018/19 is here!

Published on: Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Launching our QI prospectus

What a summer it has been and for many the end of August sees the move from summer holidays to the start of the academic year. This feels like a good time to launch the QI prospectus. 

So, this month’s newsletter doubles-up as a brief version of the new QI prospectus. The full version can be found on the QI microsite.

Before we launch into the prospectus, here’s a quick update on numbers of live projects on Life QI, and completed IHI Open School courses. 

o    We now have 201 active projects on Life QI
o    565 staff have now registered on the system
o    259 staff have registered on IHI Open School
o    45 IHI open school courses are completed each month on average. 

Prospectus 2018/19

We hope it’s useful; we are committed to continually updating and improving it. We welcome any feedback you have. Visit the website to download the document.

Your QI journey

You might be new to QI wanting to learn some QI tools or you might be supporting and leading change and improvement in your service.

No matter where you are in your QI journey, we have workshops, events and tools outlined in this prospectus to help. You can also find out more information on this site. 

Learning/Curious about Quality Improvement     

Bite-Size QI - find out about the Model for Improvement and tools you can use.

We are now offering ‘Bitesize QI’ across the Trust. These sessions provide a brief introduction to QI for CNWL staff who are either involved in QI projects or thinking about being involved and want to learn more about the Model for Improvement. 

During this training, you will learn about the model for improvement, how to develop a driver diagram and run Plan Do Study Act cycles. We will also start to explore measures for improvement.

This training should be used in conjunction with the online training that is available to all staff via IHI Open School. Please view the events calendar for upcoming dates and book through Eventbrite.

Access to E-Learning via IHI Open School

IHI Open School Quality Improvement (QI) training is now available to all staff. The IHI Open School offers online training for you to develop your skills to run a QI project and be part of a project team. 

You should start your QI training by completing the Improvement Capability Modules which are online here (QI101 – QI105). 

QI 101: Introduction to Healthcare Improvement
QI 102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement
QI 103: Testing and Measuring Changes with PDSA Cycles
QI 104: Interpreting Data: Run charts, control charts and other measurement tools
QI 105: Leading Quality Improvement

Completing an additional module (Q201: Planning for Spread) will give you a certificate in Quality Improvement.

It will take you approximately 80 mins to complete each module and you will receive a certificate at the end of each module.

IHI Open School (the passcode for CNWL staff can be found in the resources section. You must be signed in and verified to access secure documents, including the passcode).

Patient and carer training on QI

Patients and carers are involved in QI projects and acquiring invaluable experience along the way. Involving patients and carers in your projects should be your default position unless you have sound reasons for not involving them.  

We are, in partnership with patients and carers, co-producing a training package to make sure people know what to expect from their involvement in QI projects, and to maximise the experience of patients and carers involved in QI projects.

The training, which will be run bi-monthly, will become available in the Autumn. Please keep an eye on the QI microsite for details of how to book. 

QI learning events

Please keep a lookout for these day long events by checking for updates on this website. The next one is scheduled for September, and once the date is confirmed places can be booked via Eventbrite. In the meantime here are some FAQs about the learning events. 

What are the learning outcomes?
•    Share and spread quality improvement learning within CNWL
•    Build improvement capability and knowledge
•    Learn from patients about their experience of quality improvement 
•    Hear from other organisations about their experience of quality improvement 
•    Join conversations and find solutions to tricky problems
•    Masterclasses on QI methodology
•    Broaden improvement networks within CNWL.

Who should attend?
Any CNWL staff and CNWL service users and carers who are interested in QI

What are the pre-requisites?
There are no pre-requisites for this course.  All CNWL staff, service users and carers welcome.

Working on a QI Project                                     

IHI Improvement Science in Action (ISIA) training wave 2

IHI ISIA wave 2 will run in November.  Staff are currently being asked for expressions of interest. Please refer this website for more details.

This intensive two-month professional development program is specially designed for staff actively involved in QI projects. A unique hands-on approach provides a firm grounding in the concepts, tools, and methods needed to effectively drive CNWL’s improvement initiatives.

As a result of this program, participants will:

•    Plan and execute improvement projects
•    Shape and frame an improvement project to increase the probability of success
•    Define and apply a set of measures to analyse and assess project success
•    Utilise the Model for Improvement to develop, test, and sustain reliable improvements
•    Understand the organisational and human dimensions of change and use them to plan and execute their improvement project

If you have any questions about Improvement Science in Action please contact:  

Coaching for QI

Improvement Coach Development Programme (ICDP) delivered in partnership with IHI

The Improvement Coach Development Programme (ICDP) with IHI will run once a year, and will be of interest to Band 6 staff and above. The course is a three-month journey to further develop your improvement knowledge and skills so you can coach and facilitate quality improvement project teams, as well as support the implementation of quality improvement strategies throughout CNWL.

The expectation is that you will not necessarily change your current role into a full-time quality improvement professional. Rather, this course will build your knowledge and skills in the application of the science of improvement that will, in turn, complement your specific area of specialisation. 

Following the completion of this course the expectation will be that you coach teams within your service or geography for nominally half a day a week.  More information can be found on online.  

To gain the most out of this course, it is essential that you have knowledge of and previous experience applying quality improvement concepts, methods, and tools, and are looking for more training in coaching and facilitating quality improvement projects.

Additional Support for QI                         

If you need advice or support on how to succeed in your QI project or are stuck please do contact us here For the next dates for all sessions please look on our QI microsite.

Life QI: Tip of the month 

Life QI Tip of the month - Accessing the Life QI Learning Centre

The Life QI Learning Centre is your friend. It contains a searchable database that guides you through using the system. You can access here or by clicking the   icon the site. There is also a new chat window for direct support with the Life QI team. The team are quick to respond and guide you through your query.

Help and support

Key contacts for help and support or for more information about running your Quality Improvement projects:

Dr Simon Edwards (
Trust wide Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement 
and Diggory Divisional QI Lead

Margo Fallon (
Goodall Divisional QI Lead

Dr Tresa Andrews (
Jameson Divisional QI Lead

Alison Butler (
Trustwide QI Programme Lead

Bridget Browne (
QI Programme Manager

Marcus Maguire (
Programme Manager

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