Issue 13 : We are one!

Published on: Friday 23rd November 2018


Celebrating one year of Quality Improvement in CNWL:

This month’s newsletter introduced by Dr Con Kelly, CNWL Medical Director

This month we have cause to celebrate as Quality Improvement in CNWL reaches the one year milestone of a three year programme; but an even better cause to celebrate is the amount of “buzz” and positive change our QI work has generated right across CNWL in a relatively short space of time – so, Thank You, for making QI happen here!

Whatever your role in CNWL, and wherever you work, we want to include you in celebrating one year of QI in CNWL. You may already be involved; whether completing the excellent online training IHI Open School, being a delegate of ISIA wave 1 or 2, coaching or being a member of a QI project. 

If you’re not already involved, please don’t wait to be asked! You can find information on how to start your QI journey right here. You are all experts, with knowledge of your workplace that qualifies you to identify quality improvement initiatives. If you have any questions about QI please contact us.

QI events in November 

ISIA wave 2

This month sees 90 delegates from across the Trust coming together for Improvement Science in Action (ISIA) Wave 2. Wave 2 delegates have already met together during virtual ‘Webex’ sessions hosted by either our QI partners IHI, or indeed our own QI colleagues. 

On 28,29,30 November, they will meet for three days of intensive face to face training on how to apply the model for improvement to their own QI projects. They are in for a real treat if the glowing feedback from ISIA wave 1 delegates is anything to go by. 

IHI annual visit 

IHI are coming for their annual visit with us on 26 and 27 November. On 26 November we are arranging for IHI colleagues to visit a QI team in each division.

On 27 November IHI will meet with CNWL staff to feedback to us about those visits and to see how QI is becoming embedded in the divisions. 

If you happen to bump into any of our IHI colleagues while they’re on their travels please give them a warm welcome.

Growth in IHI Open School and Life QI users  

Here’s an update on numbers of completed IHI Open School courses and amount of live projects on Life QI

o    290 staff have registered for training on IHI Open School 
o    516 IHI Open School training modules have been completed 
o    We now have 262 active projects on Life QI
o    800 staff have now registered on Life QI 
o    10 QI projects have been completed on Life QI  

You can see here that more of you have joined our Life QI community online:

CNWL staff trained on QI methodologies during the past year

The chart below shows the number of staff that have received formal training in QI methodologies over the past twelve months. Although informal and ad-hoc training has taken place throughout the Trust, this has not been included in the figures below. 


Jameson: Patient Centred Leave (PCL) QI Workshop


This month Jameson Division hosted a collaborative Patient Centred Leave (PCL) QI Workshop. Paula Robins (Clinical Practice Improvement Lead) Tresa Andrews (QI Clinical Lead for Jameson) and Emily Tabb (Interim Quality Improvement Manager at St Charles) brought together representatives from six QI projects from across the Trust, including one project from rehabilitation services and one from Hillingdon. 

During the workshop Lorianne Martin (Head of Jameson Governance and QI Coach) capably demonstrated the power of data, Sandra Jayacodi (service user and carer representative) powerfully advocated the benefits of service user and carer involvement in QI Projects, and everyone collaborated to share learning and “shamelessly steal” change ideas they wished to try out in their own localities.

Of particular note was the support provided on the day by no less than five trainee Improvement Coaches, including Marcus Maguire (Improvement Support Team) who co-presented the session on Plan- Do-Study-Action (PDSA). 

Life QI tip of the month: Implementation of workflows in Life QI

The QI Programme has recently introduced new workflows to our QI project portal Life QI, which means you will now see an approval box when you log a project onto the system (below). 


This is a simple approval process whereby QI Divisional Clinical Leads review your quality improvement project charter before it is loaded onto Life QI. 
If you have any questions about this new process, please contact us

Help and support

Key contacts for help and support or for more information about running your Quality Improvement projects:

Dr Simon Edwards (
Trust wide Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement 
and Diggory Divisional QI Lead

Margo Fallon (
Goodall Divisional QI Lead

Dr Tresa Andrews (
Jameson Divisional QI Lead

Alison Butler (
Trustwide QI Programme Lead

Bridget Browne (
QI Programme Manager

Marcus Maguire (
Programme Manager


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