Improvement Coach Development Programme (ICDP) delivered in partnership with IHI

Published on: Tuesday 29th May 2018

Improvement Coach Development Programme (ICDP) delivered in partnership with IHI


The Trust’s Quality Improvement Programme is now taking expressions of interest from Band 6 staff and above for Improvement Coach Development Programme (ICDP) with IHI. This course is three-month journey to further develop your improvement knowledge and skills so you can coach and facilitate quality improvement project teams, as well as support the implementation of quality improvement strategies throughout CNWL.


The expectation is that you will not necessarily change your current role into a full-time quality improvement professional. Rather, this course will build your knowledge and skills in the application of the science of improvement that will, in turn, complement your specific area of specialisation. Following the completion of this course the expectation will be that you coach teams within your service or geography for nominally half a day a week.  More information regarding this can be found on​ 

To gain the most out of this course, it is essential that you have knowledge of and previous experience applying quality improvement concepts, methods, and tools, and are looking for more training in coaching and facilitating quality improvement projects.

More information regarding ICDP including process for expressions of interest please visit​ 


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