Involving patients in QI in Rehab Services

Published on: Friday 17th January 2020

Patients at 2 Colham Green Road in Hillingdon are currently taking part in a ‘Big I’ Quality Improvement (QI) project. ‘Big I’ means the QI project has direct and meaningful patient involvement for the duration of the project.


The project at Colham Green Road encourages patients to exercise at least twice a week and supports patients to eat healthy foods through educational sessions and cooking classes. Patients are able to track their progress through a recording sheet they complete themselves.


The aims and methodology of this project were all decided by the patients with the support of staff. Bobby Mahabir, Ward Manager, said “Involving patients from the start was important because we wanted to make sure we undertook an improvement project that patients found helpful and engaging, after all this is their journey.”


Hannah Pell, Senior Occupational Therapist on the unit, said “I knew patient involvement was key for this project to be a successful, and so far it has been. It means patients take control of their own wellbeing and use what they’ve learnt to continue exercising and eating healthily.”

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