Offender Care awarded funding for Quality Improvement project

Published on: Monday 23rd December 2019

A project in CNWL’s Offender Care Service has recently been awarded funding from the Health Foundation’s, Q Community.

This new project will involve Offender Care staff working alongside other non-clinical staff and prisoners to eliminate Hepatitis C and reduce self-harm at Woodhill prison.

The health team ran an initial quality improvement project last year and will expand on the scheme to test everyone at the site.

The 2018 project increased the amount of men getting tested for blood born viruses (including hepatitis C) by 45%. As a result, 12 men completed treatment, four underwent treatment and four agreed to see their GP once released. In order to improve these results and reach no cases of hepatitis C in Woodhill Prison by 2020, the project will work with GPs and other healthcare staff in the prison to expand their knowledge.

The team will also be running a quality improvement project alongside this one to reduce self-harm at the prison. To achieve this, non-clinical staff will be taught what signs to look out for in order to help prisoners who may be self-harming, so they can be directed to treatment and support.

Dr Simon Edwards, Trustwide Quality Improvement Clinical Lead at CNWL said “I’m delighted that the prison healthcare team is being recognised in this way. The ideas are now being rolled across the site to include training for non-healthcare staff too so we never miss an opportunity to help someone in need. This will be a cooperative effort between CNWL and other organisations that help provide healthcare at Woodhill Prison, as well as those that run the prison itself. By working together I’m sure we can bring about real change in both these areas.”

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