Life QI

Life QI is CNWL’s online platform for QI projects

Life QI supports project teams to use the Model for Improvement. It is designed to simply support your QI project and keep your project resources in one place. Using the Life QI system you can register your project, build a driver diagram, load your PDSA cycles and keep track of your measures. You can copy and paste data from excel and it even produces your statistical process control (SPC) charts for you. 

You can use Life QI to collaborate and share learning not only with your team but also by viewing other projects in CNWL. There is also functionality that allows you to share learning across the UK by viewing QI projects in other organisations.

Registering :

You can easily register yourself on Life QI. Visit enter your email address and click ‘Register’

Using Life QI:

If you are already registered you can log your project on the Life QI system by visiting and clicking ‘Log In’

Quick reference guide to starting a project on Life QI

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